Does RCFE Continuing Education Include Pandemic Protocols?

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic crisis, the State of California’s requirements for continuing education will change in a couple of ways.

First, there will soon be additional information in the on-going education material explaining new procedures and protocols for dealing with the elderly you care for during a pandemic crisis.

Second, there will be temporary rules for complying with the continuing education requirements, as currently, some of the RCFE Continuing Education requires classroom time, and yet the same California State Authorities requiring this are now locking down society to prevent large gatherings and mandating social distancing.

What Additional Knowledge Will I Learn In My RCFE Continuing Education?

Okay so, what sort of knowledge and information will you be required to learn and know to complete your RCFE ongoing education requirements? Well, some are fairly simple such a how to prevent contamination from your PPEs when you move from room to room? The protocols for handwashing, and sanitizing, and for room cleaning. This is standard stuff you most likely already know and are already doing – yet, these new protocols will take it a step further.

You will probably also learn how and where to get tests for yourself so you don’t bring the virus into the facility. You will learn about new rules for visiting family members, and what the rules are for lockdown too.

What Changes Are Happening for RCFE Ongoing Education Recertification?

The State of California has postponed most professional licenses for 60-days and this may increase, we don’t know yet. However, this is no reason to rest on your laurels. You should, sign up for and pay for your ongoing education in advance and be working on your online classes simultaneously during these 60-days if you are coming close to the time to fulfill your every 24-month requirement. Why this Spertinent advice you ask?

It’s simple, once the postponement is over, and the CoronVirus pandemic crisis slows down, everyone that needs to renew their certification, and all those coming due will want to get those required classroom classes all at once. In the event the State of California decides (for the next year) it’s okay if 100% of the RCFE continuing education requirements are done online, you’ll already have your first half done, and you will have already signed up and paid.

Further, after this crisis is over, and it will be over at some point, there will be greater demand for the RCFE certified, and you know when demand is high, and the supply relative, the price will go up. See that point? Just like viruses are a fact of life, so too are free-market economics.

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